• Hemp and Hibiscus Body Elixir

Hemp + Hibiscus Elixir


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An all organic, hibiscus infused body elixir, just the perfect amount of moisture, absorbs instantly, & leaves you with a sweet, lasting scent

  • Organic
  • Handmade

50 in stock

Product Description

Hempseed oil is the closest match to the oil we naturally produce, so putting it on your skin doesn’t alarm your body in the way using some lotions, creams, and other oils does. it absorbs quickly, leaving pores clear. 

Additional Information


Apply after shower or bath & whenever needed throughout the day or before bed. In dryer climates using more than once a day can do wonders on your skin! Great to add to baths for great aromatics & to replace the moisture water takes out


hibiscus*, lavender*, calendula*, hempseed oil*, sunflower oil*, apricot oil*, essential oils of ylang ylang*, grapefruit*, lavender, frankincense*, & geranium*


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