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Roll It On – Pure Spirit Potions


Roll on this all natural mostly Organic blend onto pulse points, neck, chest, back… for incredible effects and benefits. Great size for purse, pocket or travel. Take your Potions everywhere!


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Organic Jojoba, Glass Bottle
  • Made to order
  • Only ships within United States.

Product Description

Be Enlightened
….TOP SELLING ROLLER SCENT..because it Tingles 🙂
Peppermint, Birch, Eucalyptus & Menthol will begin to open sinuses, invigorate your mind & help to relieve headaches, tension, upset belly, bad mood, blahs and more..this blend is designed after our Best Selling Balm, Enlightenment Balm. With Organic Menthol to achieve a cool tingly sensation, be sure to avoid eyes & sensitive areas

Be Grounded
…achieve instant calm & positive vibes with this woodsy, citrus blend…perfectly highlighted by the richness of Dark Reserve Patchouli to relax the mind & body, decrease anxiety & depression, strengthen your immune system & aid in achieving overall balance & wellness…

Be Restored
…Everyone can benefit from some loving kindness and that is just what you can feel from this healing, soothing, restful blend. Allow yourself to accept the many benefits of Therapeutic Grade French & Bulgarian Lavender, know for it’s many restorative & healthful uses from sleeplessness to anxiety as well as overall rejuvenation. Frankincense..sought after and treasured for thousands of years all over the world. for it’s abilities to calm the mind & heal the body.
Aged Indian Sandalwood brings the knowledge of the Sages giving the body and soul an opportunity to be renewed.Give yourself the chance to Be Restored.

Be Balanced
…when life gets you out of whack, let this balancing blend get you back on track…with Organic Blue Chamomile known to calm and restore unbalanced skin, Elemi and Geranium to melt away your tensions and stabilize your mood as the grounding powers of Sandalwood & Frankincense keep your feet rooted to your center. Italian Bergamot
and Lemon leave you feeling and
smelling fresh and alive. Accompanied with an Essential Oil to stimulate each of the seven basic Chakras, your Body, Mind & Spirit receive the full balancing act.

Be Relaxed
…achieve instant calm & positive vibes with this sweet, floral relaxation blend…light, refreshing balance of French Lavender & Palmarosa ease tension, sleeplessness, headaches, anxiety, soothes & hydrates sensitive, inflamed or sunburned skin…gentle enough for children too

Be Loved
…wrap yourself in warmth & positive vibes with this sweet & earthy, sensual blend…Bask in the comforting effects of Vanilla & Sandalwood mixed with the uplifting, romantic notes of Blood Orange & Rose to induce the feellings of happiness, understanding & security

Be Cool
…feel alive & refreshed with this intensely Cool blend. Allow the effects of Peppermint & Rosemary to keep your mind awake & focused & your body tingly & Cool. While Tea Tree leaves you sanitized & smelling fresh. Naturally purifying & anti-bacterial properties make this a great spray for home, travel, feet & hands, gym bag, work space or anyplace that needs to chill out.

Be Amazing
…be amazed as your true self & positive vibes emerge with the help of this complex blend of Organic Jasmine to boost confidence,optimism & euphoria while improving & restoring energy. Balanced with Ylang Ylang, both natural aphrodisiacs, you will repel anxiety, fatigue& depression. French Lavender & Geranium will enhance & balance female health & hormones, relieve stress & anxiety. A touch of Italian Clementine combats nervousness, lifts the mood, sparks circulation & digestion as Indian Sandalwood calms, harmonizes & soothes the body mind & spirit…Amazing!

Be Quiet
…experience peace, quiet & positive vibes with this mind & body clearing blend. Australian Eucalyptus,Niaouli & Organic Cajeput open the repiratory tract, boost immune system, help fight fevers, coughing, sneezing, as well as improving concentration, focus & clear thinking. Aged Vetiver calms & soothes the mind, dispelling anger, irritabilty & mental fatigue.Rosemary completes the effect by stimulating brain function & memory, relief from asthma, bronchitis & all over respiratory wellness. Allow your body & mind to be clear & quiet.

Be Bliss
…are you already living a life of Bliss? A life filled with beauty, pleasure & perfect happiness? Take your Bliss to the next level with this bright, fresh, joyous blend of High Altitude French Lavender for calming, balance & peace. Italian Lemon brings illumination & energy..while Dark Reserve Indian Patchouli allows your mind, body & spirit to reach it’s natural state of pure love. If you haven’t found your Bliss, your search is over.

Be Purified
..achieve purification & positive vibes with this intense detox blend…
a stimulating & warming infusion with rich Sweet Fennel & Black Pepper oil from India, to invigorate the body’s systems, increasing circulation, respiratory health & toxin removal…also used to treat fatigue, depression & various digestive ailments

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Enlightenment, Grounded, Restored, Balanced, Relaxed, Loved, Cool, Bliss, True, Happy, Free


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